5 Quick Changes That Can Tune Your Home In Two Days

Doing renovations at home is something necessary from time to time for various reasons , but it is also true that this task brings to mind the lack of control involved in the works ; dust, noise and all that little chaos that precedes a new home ready for us to enjoy right? Well no, today we have come to erase that rejection from your mind, presenting you 5 reforms that can transform your home in less than two days since they hardly involve any works or inconvenience.

Change the doors of the house

Changing your doors is a very simple thing to do: basically it involves removing the old ones and fitting the new ones , but sometimes it is not even necessary to remove the frame because it can be reused for new doors. Either way, it is a reform that you will hardly notice , while its effect can make a difference in the aesthetics of your home. Another option, in this case more affordable, is to repaint or lacquer your old doors, so that you will save money on new ones while adding a touch of a new color.

Install air conditioning

Installing an air conditioning system by splits is one of the easiest reforms you can make. The whole process comes down to installing an indoor unit , another outdoor unit and connecting them together . The work is reduced to making some holes in the wall and conveniently fixing the two units, so the inconvenience caused is practically nonexistent. The time it will take to start enjoying a heated home will not exceed one afternoon , if all goes well.

Swap your bathtub for a shower

This reform is so common that it hardly needs explanation: Over time we all reach a stage in our lives in which we are no longer so agile and in which we should replace our bathtub with a shower . In this way, our hygiene will be easier, more accessible and less dangerous. A reform that ends up giving yes or yes in all the homes and that you do not have to fear because in no case the works will last more than two days.

Paint your house

Painting is another of the most common reforms and a cheap and simple way to cause a great change in the appearance of your home. Surely you will have to do it several times in the course of the useful life of your house, but you should not worry, a couple of days is enough to give two coats of paint to a house of about 100 square meters and the same happens with the facade. Of course, depending on who you hire or if your house has a lot more surface, it may end up taking a little longer …

Change the countertop and kitchen faucet

When it comes to introducing this type of change in your kitchen, you can count on it taking much longer to decide on a specific model than to install it in your home . There are a multitude of countertop models and many more taps, but none of them will take more than an afternoon to install. A change that you can make in record time and that can mean a completely new style in the kitchen.

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