Gym Brands That Will Help You Push Yourself

gym brands

With workouts becoming increasingly intense, it’s not just about looking good – gym brands need to be able to offer a bit of support too. That’s why the best fitness brands focus on fabrics that will help you push yourself to your limits, whether it’s a little extra durability for your countless squats or breathability during a gruelling HIIT session.

Designed for serious athletes, US brand RVCA offers a range of gym clothing that is built to last, with high-performing fabrics that are geared towards pushing you to the limit. With everything from pants to hoodies, shorts and singlets – including compression wear – RVCA has got you covered. Similarly, UK-based brand Olivers Apparel offers subtle and premium workout apparel, with pieces that are just as suitable for your run to the gym as they are for your weekend coffee date.

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Other great brands to check out include the likes of Adidas and Asics. Both have been used by some of the top sports teams in the world and are renowned for their quality and performance. Asics, in particular, has a dedicated gym range that focuses on specialised fabrics such as breathable materials and cushioning – perfect for those intense training sessions.

It may have yoga in its name, but Alo Yoga’s wares are not just for barre and Pilates classes – their super-soft activewear is loved by everyone from workout fanatics to celebrities as an everyday option. Other great brands that were recommended by our experts include Reigning Champ and Echt, with the latter offering a more casual look that can also be worn outside of the gym.

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