Ideal Tax Review Review – Does Ideal Tax Review Really Work?

Ideal Tax review is a tax relief firm that helps people resolve their IRS issues. It specializes in removing wage garnishments, bank levies, and liens, as well as reducing taxes owed. It can also help clients get back their refunds and deal with pending audits.

What is your adjusted gross income?

Ideal’s online inquiry process is relatively straightforward, and it offers a free consultation with an on-staff expert to help determine whether the company can help you. However, some verified customer reviews complain that it took weeks for an expert to respond.

The company supposedly assigns a case manager to each client, who will take over the next steps in the resolution process. However, several clients complained that their case managers were noncommunicative and/or failed to advance their cases. Moreover, some clients claimed that the company “sat on” their cases, and as a result, the IRS froze their accounts.

In addition to its debt resolution services, Ideal also provides limited tax compliance assistance in the form of filing prior-year returns. This is important because the IRS generally requires that taxpayers file previous returns before settling debts or addressing tax problems.

While Ideal Tax’s fees are competitive with other tax relief firms, it doesn’t list specific dollar figures on its website for how much its services cost. This lack of transparency can be problematic, as some past clients claim that the company charged them more than expected. Additionally, its long-term Protection Plans may not be worth the money if you can manage your own tax-related tasks.

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