Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is created by mixing two chemicals, isocyanates and polyol resin. It’s sprayed out of a hose and expands to fill every nook, cranny and crevice for complete coverage. The resulting barrier is both an effective insulator and air seal, stopping energy waste by preventing the movement of heat and cold through your home. It also helps prevent drafts, condensation and ice damming in your walls.This link: https://premiersprayfoamco.com

Is there a downside to spray foam insulation?

It’s a premium product that requires an expert installation, so be sure to find a reputable contractor with experience in this field. It’s best applied in new construction before drywall or when a room is being re-drywalled for other reasons. It is also more effective when combined with more affordable fiberglass batts.

When installed properly, spray foam insulation is an efficient and effective solution for homes. It can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs by eliminating the single largest source of air flow – air leakage. The air seal it creates keeps warm and cool air in your home all year round.

However, this insulation isn’t without its problems, especially when applied by unqualified contractors. Poor application can cause severe moisture damage and rotted framing, which leads to expensive remediation and repair bills. And it’s incredibly toxic when the blowing agent contains CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs (like the spray foam most commonly used in the US). Fortunately, a few manufacturers are now producing spray foam blown with an eco-friendly blowing agent that doesn’t contain any of these chemicals.

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