5 Tips For Choosing The Right Composite Fence

It’s decided, you want to fence your garden, or replace your palisade which is getting old! You know you want composite, but you’re not sure of your choice yet? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing.

Pay attention to the quality of composite fence boards.

People Sitting on Chair in Front of TableLifespan, wind resistance, the content of the guarantee, thickness of the blades, quality of the posts, price are some of the criteria that you will have to consider. Estimate your real needs, and do not hesitate to take as much information as possible to compare the products with each other and define which one will best meet these needs. To do this, ask for samples, check the resistance of the products (especially to scratches), their aesthetics, and if possible, find a showroom!

Solid blade or honeycomb blade? This is a question that it is legitimate to ask. Know that the 2 are equal at equal quality: The composite has been democratized for 15 years now. The historical manufacturers most established on the market now have technical know-how that offers quality products; the others have gradually disappeared.

The importance of foundations for a garden fence

Unlike some light or openwork materials, a quality composite fence is heavy. Its wind resistance will also be important if it is not embellished with decorative perforated slats.

Therefore, this fence must rest on solid foundations, whether on a low wall or directly on the ground.

For installation on a low wall, note that this must be carried out according to the rules of the art, scrapped, and made with quality concrete. The concrete blocks which will accommodate the plates or the posts must be solid or, if this is not the case, drilled and filled with concrete.

On the ground: The ground must be stabilized; it will then be a question of making a foundation or concrete studs by the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Good fastening systems

Always to support the panels’ weight and wind resistance, pay attention to the post fixing system! The last storms have reminded us of the importance of a well-secured fence. Many solutions exist, more or less robust depending on the materials used, the type of sealing, etc.

There are several types of turntables:

  •  the bolt-on plates (practical for uninstalling the fence, but beware of the fragility!)
  • the plates to be sealed (concrete or chemical sealing) offers a better grip because one half is bolted into the post (also allows the fence to be changed if necessary), and the other half is sealed into the low wall or concrete base.

Sturdy and durable fence posts

There is a wide variety of aluminum post thicknesses and profiles. Ensure you have a good thickness of aluminum and a good post section so that the fence is very sturdy.

On the color side of the posts, there are 2 labels that guarantee the good quality of the lacquering:

  • the label certifies the quality and durability of the lacquering of our aluminum profiles.
  •  The label guarantees the resistance of lacquers in extreme atmospheres, such as those by the sea.

The price-performance ratio of a composite fence

The price also reflects the quality of the product. Indeed, composite wood is an expensive material: raw materials, profiles with high mechanical value, coextrusion, production methods, lifespan, so many factors necessary for the manufacture of a quality product and legitimize its average price a little higher than other materials.

A “discount” product may be suitable for certain uses, for a given time, but perhaps not for others. Define your needs and what you expect from your investment in a garden fence. Do your research thoroughly to find the satisfactory value for money, both aesthetically and in terms of resistance.

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